Tahquamenon General Store

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Popular Camp Sites

Tahquamenon General Store carries a great stock of supplies for campers. Cooking utensils include: Pie Cookers, Broiler Baskets, Camping Forks, Fish Baskets, Burger Grillers, Pizza Grills, Hot Dog/ Brat Cooker, Tent Stakes, and Kebab Baskets. We also have Fire Starter Sticks, Mantels, and a variety of camping/kitchen gadgets. For your comfort we have air matresses, hand pumps, sleeping bags, camp mats, pillows, and blankets, towels, lanterns, extension cords, clothes line, camp tri-pods, fire grates, coolers, water jugs, camp fuel, propane tanks, and camp chairs just to name a few items.

Local Camp Sites
There are a number of great camp facilities in this area:

If you've never built a campfire, youTube offers a number of videos taking you through each step. We recommend Clarke Green's instructions.