Tahquamenon General Store

A family owned business for 20 + years serving community members and visitors to the Tahquamenon River area, Tahquamenon General Store offers a wide variety of services and supplies.

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  • Michigan DNR approved firewood
  • bait
  • DNR licenses and permits
  • fishing tackle
  • bug spray
  • camping supplies
  • gasoline
  • propane tank exchange
  • snow mobile parts and accessories
  • motor oil
  • fresh ice
  • paper products
  • tobacco products
  • camp cooking tools
  • bed pillows
  • charcoal

For Your Convenience An ATM is Now Available!

In Store Tahquamenon Pizza

Hours for Hot Pizza Vary. Check this link for details: Tahquamenon Pizza

  • beer, wine, liquor
  • coffee
  • groceries
  • snacks
  • smoked fish
  • soft serve ice-cream (seasonally)
  • candies
  • canned fruits and vegetables
  • crackers
  • donuts
  • bread

If you are in need of an item, consider Tahquamenon General Store as your first stop and as your local travel agency in finding the best route to the best fishing holes, lakes, or camp sites.

Member of the Paradise Area Chamber of Commerce